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Serving Our Guests

At Hyatt, we are committed to providing our guests with healthy and nutritional options.

We develop our menus with a focus on portion control and calorie counts—as well as fat, sodium and additive amounts. We will continue to offer more fresh and wholesome options, including natural meats without supplemental growth hormones or antibiotics, and beverages with all-natural sweeteners like agave nectar, stevia and real fruit juice.  In addition, gluten-free and vegan options are available on all of our menus.

For our youngest guests, our For Kids By Kids menus offer fruits or vegetables as the standard side dish. We promote hormone-free milk as the beverage of choice and make free refills of nonfat or low-fat milk available. Learn More

And see the full For Kids By Kids menus by location:
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Resort Hotels
Island Resort Hotels

We are confident that we can produce delicious and healthful food that our guests will want to eat.